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Micromechanical Systems

MPS Actuator


Micro Precision Systems now part of the FAULHABER GROUP started 70 years ago with the development and manufacturing of miniature, high-precision ball bearings. Thanks to the reliability and quality of mps ball bearings, the company has taken part in the conquest of space.

Today we are continuing to take on the toughest challenges by developing complex microsystems of increasingly minute dimensions while constantly fulfilling the technical requirements set out. Standard products consist of precision miniature ballscrews, precision linear bearings, linear bearings (un-housed), precision balls to 0.2mm and 4-point contact micro bearings. Sub-micron tolerances are achieved with their grade 3 ball production. MPS rely on all these core competences as they strive to provide industrialised solutions for customers who require Microsystems that include linear or rotating movement. Customised solutions realised to date are in the advanced technology fields of aerospace, medical (implantable), optic devices, semiconductors, defence and micro-robotics.

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