EMS expand with new technology

17th December 2015
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EMS continues its rapid expansion of its UK based design and manufacturing facility based in Poole in Dorset, where we design and develop bespoke drive solutions for our customers.With a 50% growth in the last 6 years EMS now occupy 3000m². To keep pace with the production demands of our customers an even greater expansion…

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Faulhaber 2016 Katalog 1200x1000 2c90a51816.jpg

FAULHABER Drive Systems is the inventor of the ironless core self supporting coil, one of the key technologies for the construction of highly efficient, dyanamic and powereful miniature electric motors. Today they are even are so small that they can pass through vessels into the heart where they can help to preserve life. Or so…

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Faulhaber provides more Power in the Hand

26th November 2015
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PL 2668 CR.jpg

The new 2668 … CR DC motor from FAULHABER offers considerably more power than comparable drives and is the most powerful copper‐graphite commutated DC‐micromotor in its size class on the market. This highly dynamic motor reaches full power very quickly with its high pulse torque making it ideal for high‐performance…

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Faulhaber 3274 BP4 brushless motor

In the fight for high performance with minimum weight, FAULHABER with the development of its series 3274 BP4 has put a new champion in the ring. The brushless DC servomotor, measuring 32 mm in diameter and 74 mm in length, has a huge continuous torque of 165 mNm. Furthermore, it weighs in at just under 320 g, which is half that…

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New Piezo LEGS LR17

EMS are pleased to announce the very latest rotary Piezomotor developed by PiezoMotor in Uppsala, Sweden.Expanding on the successful Piezo LEGS rotary motor series LR50/80 is a new reduced dimension LR17 with integrated encoder. This is the first step in the long-term aim to broaden the range of rotary motors as demanded by the…

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