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A new class level for torque and speed

13/01/20 - New GPT gearhead family with numerous gear ratios

8th January 2020
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FAULHABER GPT Planetary Gearheads

The new metal GPT planetary gearhead family characterized by its compact dimensions, high torque and very fine graduations of the numerous gear ratios. It is extremely robust and tolerates both frequent as well as sudden load changes. The gearheads operate with high efficiency, can be combined with many different motors and enable various shaft configurations.

The pure metal GPT gearheads achieve performance values comparable to more expensive technologies on the market like ceramic components. The gearheads are available with diameters of 22, 32 and 42 millimetres. The gearheads achieve top values for torque as well as for speed. Compared to the predecessor models, the continuous input speed was more than doubled above 10’000 rpm, and can support input speeds up to 20,000 rpm in intermittent mode. The 42GPT Series can sustain an intermittent torque up to 25 Nm while its length is squeezed down to 71 millimetres. The GPT gearheads are designed to be extremely robust and tolerate both continuous as well as very abrupt and sudden load changes. At the same time, they are significantly shorter than other models in the same diameter.

The gearheads can be equipped with up to four reduction stages Each stage is individually optimized to achieve the highest power in terms of torque and speed an important feature of the product family is the high number of available gear ratios and their very uniform distribution.  As a result, the motor power can be utilized optimally: a higher torque can be achieved with the same input speed; a higher speed can be achieved with the same torque. In addition, power consumption is significantly reduced through a much higher efficiency compared to previous product generation The new GPT family is also particularly suited for accurate positioning applications granted by a very low backlash characteristic.

With high performance values and the great robustness, the gearheads of this new product family are suitable for various demanding applications. Their compact design fits particularly well with the new BXT brushless flat motor family when size is a key constraint integrating actuators inside applications. A large selection of DC motors is also available in combination with the new GPT gearhead family. They are ideal for different types of robots – inspection, assembly, rehabilitation or exoskeletons – as well as for production and laboratory automation, for packaging machines, measurement and testing equipment or for semiconductor handling.

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