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Aerospace & Aviation

Light As Air

In 2011 there were 15,556 passenger planes and almost as many private jets in operation worldwide. If predictions prove correct, this figure is set to double in the next fifteen years. At the same time there is a marked trend towards equipping aircraft cabins with additional features that provide comfort at the push of a button. This will require an increasing number of small electric motors which, of course, must be as reliable, light and powerful as possible. Drives from FAULHABER are predestined for this area of application – and this is not only the opinion of Robert Varonier who coordinates activities in this market segment for FAULHABER. We spoke to him about the present and future of the motorised flying experience.

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Higher Performance with Lower Consumption

Small and miniature aircraft, also known as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), require reliable propulsion systems in order to achieve extended flight times with minimal quantities of fuel. Previously, the only option available for fuel delivery to the engine was a carbu­retor. The latter, however, is not able to provide an optimum fuel mix for all of the various phases of flight. A newly developed miniaturized electronic fuel injection (EFI) system designed specially for small combustion engines now provides the benefits of fuel injection, long enjoyed in larger engines, for small UAVs.

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