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DC motors for aerospace and aviation

Applications rarely get more demanding than those within aerospace and aviation. To meet the constantly growing demands of enhancing fuel efficiency, reducing weight, and improving the durability of aircraft, aerospace equipment manufacturers depend on groundbreaking processes and advanced components. Simultaneously, they must lower costs without compromising compliance with safety regulations and the aircraft’s performance.

In this instance, DC motors can be responsible for many applications from controlling the flow of aircraft fuel to supporting the careful positioning of satellites in space. 
Micromotors must be capable of withstanding extreme conditions, because harsh temperatures and severe shock and vibrations come as standard with the sector, whether in outer space or on the ground.

EMS supplies a range of brushed and brushless DC motors, as well as stepper motors, that go hand in hand with these strict requirements. Discover more below about the applications they can be used in.

Cabin equipment

Many features onboard an aircraft are controlled by motors, including the motorized adjustments of the seats and inflight entertainment devices (IFE). 

FAULHABER coreless, brushed and brushless DC motors, combined with high quality planetary gearheads, guarantee smooth adjustment speeds at very low noise levels and high reliability for use in cabin equipment. Particularly, the BX4 family of brushless DC-servomotors is a great choice for operating a window blind.

FAULHABER drive systems are also used in safety critical applications, such as locking mechanisms for cabin doors or emergency exits and adjusting the valves that regulate the pressure in the air-conditioning system. In the cockpit, they keep the pilots’ seats for take-off and landing in a certain fixed position, as per strict aircraft operation safety regulations.


In satellites, every kilogram of weight that goes into orbit costs a hundred times its weight in fuel. Therefore, the consumption of energy must be as low as possible. Here, FAULHABER Precistep stepper motors combine outstanding performance and long-term reliability with a small footprint, and low weight. Diameters range from six millimetres up to 66 millimetres, with great reliability.

Furthermore, the components used in satellites must endure vibrations, acceleration, vacuum, high temperature range, cosmic radiation or long storage during the travel, and manufacturers must select a drive system such as the range of stepper motors, which provides an all-in-one solution to these challenges. 

With a range of brushed and brushless DC motors, stepper motors and linear actuators available, EMS can provide the motion solution for your aerospace or aviation application. In addition, we understand the varying differences between application requirements and offer various bespoke solutions to ensure the perfect match for use onboard and in outer space. 

Case studies

Higher performance with lower consumption

Small and miniature aircraft, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) require reliable propulsion systems to achieve extended flight times with minimal quantities of fuel. Previously, the only option available for fuel delivery to the engine was a carburettor. However, carburettors are not able to provide an optimum fuel mix for all the various phases of flight.

A miniaturised electronic fuel injection (EFI) system designed specifically for small combustion engines now provides the benefits of fuel injection, usually enjoyed in larger engines, for small UAVs.

Engineering the next giant leap for mankind

Hailed as one of man’s greatest achievements, the first moon landing catalysed our yearning to venture further into space. However, mankind must understand and overcome the biological challenges of long-term space travel before advancing deeper. The BAMMsat project aims to enable biological research that will uncover these mysteries, using technology supplied by FAULHABER distributor EMS.

Light as air

In 2011 there were 15,556 passenger planes and almost as many private jets in operation worldwide. If predictions prove correct, this figure is set to double in the next fifteen years. At the same time there is a marked trend towards equipping aircraft cabins with additional features that provide comfort at the push of a button. This will require an increasing number of small electric motors that must be as reliable, light and powerful as possible. Drives from FAULHABER are predestined for this area of application as Robert Varonier who coordinates activities in this market segment for FAULHABER, explains. 


With more than 30 years of experience supplying the market across the UK and Ireland, EMS can specify micromotors for your aerospace or aviation application. To discuss your requirements, get in touch with a member of the team today. 



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