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Select your small DC motor from EMS

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Select your small DC motor from EMS

EMS supplies a variety of small to medium-sized DC motors that are suitable for a multitude of applications. With partners including FAULHABER, Nidec, Ewellix and Kählig Antriebstechnik, our portfolio of motor technologies has been specially collated to meet the needs of multiple industries. Whether you require light and powerful motors for medical devices, are looking to automate laboratory equipment, develop the latest agricultural technology or save space in your robotics application, EMS can deliver a DC motor that meets your needs.

Brushed DC motors

EMS offers small to medium-sized brushed DC motors, which make use of a range of cutting-edge motor technologies. Whether your application demands a high torque motor, or is driven by the need for high power in a lightweight design, we supply high power, reliable, dynamic DC motors from some of the industry’s leading specialists.

For instance, as the UK’s sole supplier of FAULHABER motors, we offer unique motors using skew wound coreless motor technology to give unrivalled power-to-weight ratios. The omittance of iron in the winding of these motors improves efficiency and enhances acceleration times to give outstanding dynamic performance together with long life under extreme load conditions.

Brushless DC motors

Similar technology is applied to brushless DC motors to achieve high speed and long continuous life expectancy. Where space is at a premium and the conventional tubular motor design cannot be accommodated, a range of flat profile motors are available in both brushed and brushless format.

To compliment the range and provide more cost-effective solutions, we also supply both brushed and brushless powerful iron core DC motors from KAG, which deliver excellent performance, long life and value for money. In addition, iron core DC motors and geared motors from Valeo originate from the automotive industry and benefit from highly efficient automated production techniques and high-level quality control, providing a versatile and cost effective range of powerful drives.

Not sure whether you need a brushed or a brushless motor? Check out our blog to learn more about these motor types and which one would be best for your application. 

Flat DC motors and flat brushless DC motors

Space is a luxury not all applications can afford. With exceptional power to volume ratio, while remaining very lightweight and compact, flat DC motors are especially suitable for installation in confined spaces.

In robotic grippers, for example, space and weight are a prime concern as the device must be provided with sufficient power to support intricate and flexible movements, while still being lightweight enough to facilitate this need for agility. Many other applications benefit from flat motor technology, such as medical prosthetics and rehabilitation devices and precision monitoring and measuring equipment.

Stepper motors

With options available from both FAULABER and Nidec Servo, EMS supplies small stepper motors for demanding positioning tasks where accuracy is crucial. With dimensions as small as six millimetres available, FAULHABER two-phase stepper motors can also be equipped with miniature lead screws and nuts to create miniature linear actuation systems with very precise and controllable movements. For increased torque in small battery powered devices, they may also be equipped with FAULHABER planetary and spur gearheads.

Additionally, servo motors from Nidec Servo include both two and three-phase hybrid stepper motors for very quiet running and long life, offering higher torque and lower noise compared to many other similar-sized motors.

Additional small motor technology from EMS

EMS can support with several other motor technologies. This includes the supply of Micro Precision Systems from the FAULHABER Group, which include miniature, high precision ball bearings. EMS also stocks the QUICKSHAFT® range of linear DC servomotors from FAULHABER, as well as the brand’s precision gearheads, encoders and speed and motion controllers.

As a supplier of several of the world’s leading motor brands, EMS can recommend a solution that suits your application’s needs. For further information about the small DC motor options available, contact EMS here.



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