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DC Motors

EMS has a huge range of small to medium sized Brushed DC motors utilising a range of technologies. The unique System FAULHABER DC motors from FAULHABER MINIMOTOR SA using skew wound ironless core rotor technology give unrivalled power to weight ratios. The admittance of iron in the winding improves efficiency and enhances acceleration times giving outstanding dynamic performance together with long life under extreme load conditions. Sizes start from the incredibly small 1.9mm diameter motor and planetary gearhead, up to 38mm and 220 Watts, making them suitable for applications such as medical devices, aerospace, control and instrumentation.

The same technology is applied to the Brushless motors where high speed and long continuous life expectancy can be reached. Where space is at a premium and the conventional tubular motor design cannot be accommodated a range of Thin profile motors are available in both brushed and brushless format. To compliment the range and provide more cost effective solutions we also have available a range of powerful iron core DC motors, both brushed and brushless from KAG, which provide excellent performance, long life and value for money. In addition iron core DC motors and geared motors from Valeo originate from the Automotive industry and benefit from highly efficient automated production techniques, high level Quality control and economies of scale, providing a versatile and cost effective range of powerful drives.

To conclude we also have a range of Stepper motors, starting from the high precision miniature Arsape steppers to the larger more robust Japan Servo hybrid steppers.

To enhance our range of motors a comprehensive series of gearheads, encoders, tachos and brakes are available to afford the design engineer the widest choice possible.

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