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Medical & Lab Equipment


As an international manufacturer of upper extremity prosthetic products Steeper is further building on the success of the bebionic3, the most advanced commercially available bionic hand in the world today.

Already using powerful 15mm Ø Faulhaber motors in the bebionic3 hand Steeper once again turned to the expertise of Electro Mechanical Systems, the UK’s leading provider of small drive solutions and the long term distribution partner for the Faulhaber Group.

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Air is Life

There are many experiences we would happily do without. Operations under general anaesthetic and with artifi cial respiration are definitely one of them. Compared with previous generations, we have a crucial advantage as medical technology has been developing at breath-taking speed in the last few years. In this way anaesthesia and ventilation systems make a major contribution to making the anaesthesia that is needed for operations safer and gentler. Perfectly-tuned drive solutions play a key role for these demanding systems.

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