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PiezoMotor micro motors


PiezoMotor micro motors

Swedish company PiezoMotor produces and develops ground-breaking micro motors based around piezoelectric materials, which produce an electric current under mechanical stress, and vice versa. With a focus on simple, reliable design using very few parts and only elementary motion, PiezoMotor micro motors are compact with high precision and direct drive.

Common PiezoMotor product applications are found in diagnostics, semiconductor production and advanced optical measurement. By opting for PiezoMotor products, many supplementary components are no longer needed, offering greater simplicity and extended lifetime. The power and precision of PiezoMotor micro motors can be significantly greater than traditional small DC motors.

Piezo LEGS® micro motors

PiezoMotor’s proprietary Piezo LEGS® drive element is constructed in one solid piece and applied in several configurations depending on the drive force required. The technology features four ‘legs’, each able to lengthen and bend sideways when voltage is applied to its ceramic actuators.

By synchronising the movement of each pair of legs the micro motor is able to ‘walk’ and stop with nanometre precision.  Piezo LEGS® is available in both linear motion and rotary configurations, with several models available.

More information and specifications for each model can be found on the PiezoMotor website. 

Why opt for PiezoMotor micro motors?

  • High precision — Piezo LEGS® positions down to sub-nanometre level for truly smooth motion and precise positioning
  • No backlash — the direct friction coupling between Piezo LEGS® ‘s leg and drive rod enables controlled motion without backlash or mechanical play. It’s also self-locking and holds load without power consumption.
  • Non-magnetic — the Piezo LEGS® drive unit is non-magnetic, making it suitable for high-magnetic environments or applications where magnetic disturbance is to be avoided
  • Compact design — the compact size of Piezo LEGS® models is designed specifically for OEM applications

PiezoMotor micro motors through EMS

EMS offers a wide range of PiezoMotor products. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the products, please contact a member of our team here


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