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Micro Precision Systems, or MPS, is a division of the FAULHABER Group. MPS was founded over 80 years ago in the development and manufacture of miniature, high-precision ball bearings and ball screw technologies. MPS produces micro-mechanical solutions for a range of applications including the watch industry, medical and orthopaedic instrumentation and defence.

MPS Microsystems is a division of MPS, which specialises in linear bearings and ball screws to deliver unique, high-precision and reliable electromechanical microsystems.

Today MPS continues to take on the toughest challenges by developing complex microsystems of increasingly minute dimensions while constantly fulfilling the technical requirements set out. Standard products consist of precision miniature ball screws, precision linear bearings, unhoused linear bearings, precision balls to 0.2 millimetres (mm) and four-point contact micro bearings.

Submicron tolerances are achieved with grade three ball production. MPS relies on all these core competences as it strives to provide industrialised solutions for customers who require microsystems that include linear or rotating movement.

For more information, visit the MPS website.

Applications of MPS Microsystems

Customised solutions realised to date are in the advanced technology fields of aerospace, implantable medical implantable, optical devices, semiconductors, defence and micro-robotics.

MPS Microsystems offers miniature, high-precision linear systems with unmatched efficiency. The range includes precision ball screws, linear bearings, ball bushings and balls, each of which can be configured to meet each customer’s unique specification.

Ball screws

MPS Microsystems offers a complete range of high precision, high performance ball screws for positioning less than five micrometres (µm). These screws ensure smooth and uniform movement resulting from the high precision of their thread.

Find more information the ball screw range here.

Linear bearings

MPS Microsystems offers the smallest linear bearings manufactured anywhere in the world. The balls of the linear bearings meet grade three, which is the highest quality of the ISO 3290/DIN 5401 standard and are suitable for a range of applications including aerospace, medical and defence.

Discover more information on the linear bearing range here.

Ball bushings

MPS Microsystems offers a wide range of linear ball bushings for smooth movement available in diameters between three and 25 millimetres (mm). The ball bushings consist of injected plastic segments (POM), as well as stainless steel needles and balls.

For more information on the MPS Microsystems products supplied by EMS and to determine if they are the right fit for your application, please contact our team here.


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