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Actuation systems from EMS

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Actuation systems from EMS

EMS provides a comprehensive range of electric linear actuators and telescopic columns. Having supplied actuation systems to the UK market for over two decades, our engineers are well-equipped to specify and supply the correct product for your application.

As a specialist distributor of Ewellix linear actuation solutions (formerly SKF linear actuation), we’re able to offer an expanded product range comprising of both actuators and telescopic columns suitable for use with power supplies ranging from 12/24V DC through to 120/230/380V AC.

Telescopic columns

Telescopic columns combine an electric linear actuator and its required housing to provide substantial lifting or push/pull force without needing to rely on an external guidance system. All components — the motor, linear drive and electronics — are contained in a set of extruded columns to provide stability and a platform for lifting. They are the ideal choice for any drive elements where linear motion with enhanced stability is necessary, such as in motorised shower chairs, operating examination tables and industrial work benches.

EMS offers smooth, quiet telescopic columns from Ewellix, available in 230V/120V AC and 24V DC with direct drive or integrated power supply. To learn more about the telescopic column actuation systems we supply, click here.  

Linear actuator

A linear actuator motor creates motion in a straight line, in contrast to the rotary motion of a typical electric DC motor. Uses of this type of actuation system range from metal and paper cutting devices to robotics, window automation and solar panel operation.

EMS supplies a flexible range of linear actuation systems, comprising of the complete Ewellix range. To learn more about the linear actuators that can support your application, click here.

CASM electric cylinders

CASM electric cylinders are ideal for applications that demand fast performance and powerful linear movements. Powered by brushless DC motors, CASM electric cylinders are more flexible than their hydraulic and pneumatic counterparts so can be positioned more precisely. 

EMS supplies a range of SKF CASM electric cylinders from Ewellix. Click here for more information.

Linear rod actuators from Mingardi and ASA

EMS offers a range of Mingardi linear rod actuators and rack and chain drive actuators for UK manufacturers. Catering specifically to window applications, Mingardi is synonymous with automation applications for ventilation purposes and for smoke evacuation in case of fire.   

ASA tubular motors are ideal for every type of rolling shutter and solar panel protection application, offering mechanical, electric and radio technologies.

To learn more about the Mingardi and ASA-branded products EMS provides, click here.

Does your application require an electric linear actuator? Get in touch with the team to learn more about how EMS can support you. 


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