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Bühler motors from EMS

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Bühler motors from EMS

Wherever something needs to be moved precisely and reliably, Bühler Motor industrial drive solutions are the first choice. Originally founded in 1855 as a clock factory in the Black Forest, Germany, Bühler is now a leading drive system supplier. The family-owned business offers a vast catalogue of micro-drives, brushed and brushless DC motors, gear motors and encoders to suit any specification. 

Bühler has won multiple awards for its product quality and innovation in the Czech Republic, Bavaria, and the USA. The company has over 1,300 employees worldwide, including 200 development engineers. This expertise allows them to support a diverse range of industries and applications, while continuously striving to better their product offering. 

Alongside an extensive range of high-quality stock products available for quick delivery times, Bühler can also supply modified versions of their standard products to fit. These include alternative brushes for its brushed motors, as well as using different shafts and transmission ratios. 

Its innovative bMotion platform allows customers to choose from pre-validated component combinations for their application. The result is a streamlined ordering process that gives customers fixed lead times. And for more specific challenges, such as extremely tight installation space or demanding performance specifications, Bühler has the capabilities to build completely custom solutions. 

Bühler bMotion

Your UK supplier for Bühler Motors 

EMS is the sole UK supplier for Bühler’s industrial drive systems. As the only source of Bühler products in the UK, EMS can offer customers a range of brushed and brushless motors, encoders, and gear motors to fit your industrial application. 

If you’d like to learn more about EMS’ range of Bühler products, please get in touch with a member of the EMS team via our contact form today. Alternatively, you can check out our dedicated Bühler blog section to find out more about potential applications and product releases. 


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