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Kählig Antriebstechnik brushed and brushless DC motors

Kählig Antriebstechnik GmbH (KAG) specialises in brushless DC electric motors and brushed DC motors in the continuous power range from 2.5 to 250 watts. Building on more than 60 years of experience and the constantly growing know-how of its development engineers, KAG offers economical and innovative drive concepts — tailored exactly to your needs.

Thanks to a modular method of production, KAG can supply medium motor series up to 20,000 pieces, large series up to 200,000 pieces and, upon request, small series from 50 to 500 pieces.

With a customised brushed DC motor offering, KAG is able to offer small DC motors that are:

  • Designed according to the customer’s specific requirements

  • Compliant with specifications of mechanical values

  • Able to meet all environmental requirements

  • Energy efficient

  • Noise and temperature compliant

  • Able to meet the customer’s cost targe

Learn more about KAG by visiting the website.

Selecting small DC motor from KAG

As a supplier of several leading DC motor brands, EMS offers a range of iron-cored brushed DC electric motors and brushless motors from KAG.

That includes DC motors for agricultural technology, such as motors for harvesting machines, fertiliser spreaders and seeding machines. The motors, typically rated for operation at 12-24 volts, have high degrees of protection to make it possible to use them outdoors without risk of dirt or moisture damage.

EMS also supplies KAG motors for bus and railway technology, including for automatic doors and entrance points like motorised sliding steps. These motors are designed with high vibration resistance and to provide high torque in a slim package.

In addition to DC motors, EMS also supplies worm gears and planetary gears from KAG. Worm gears are particularly suited when, for reasons of space, an application requires an output shaft at90 degrees to the motor axis. For instance, worm gears are ideal for many building automation door applications where a compact motor size is essential.

To learn more about the KAG motors EMS stocks, or any of its other motor brands, get in touch here.


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