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DC motors for industrial applications

When it comes to doing anything at scale, motorisation is essential. DC motors are vital in automating industrial processes and allowing manufacturers to do more in less time. 

EMS offers a range of industrial drive systems to meet the high demands of applications within the sector. Find out more below. 


Agriculture is one of the most essential sectors to our everyday life. As a result, farming has increasingly looked to adopt smarter techniques to improve crop yield and optimise use of resources. Essential to these smart farming technologies is motorisation. 

Robust, powerful DC motors are crucial in a variety of agricultural processes and equipment. This includes precise adjustments of rollers and blades in harvesters, as well as in autonomous seeding robots. It’s important that DC motors for agricultural applications can cope with the harsh conditions of the sector — having to work for extended periods in all weathers, as well has having to deal with dirt and debris.


Modern manufacturing plants play host to a wide variety of industrial technologies, driven by motors. Conveyer belts transport raw materials and goods through production processes. At each stage, robotic grippers can pick up and assemble products, as well as move them be-tween different conveyer belt lines. 

These systems are highly accurate and can manufacture a huge range of products. They can assemble semiconductor chips just nanometres in size or produce detailed textiles with the same level of precision. 

Industrial tools and equipment 

Soldering and welding are just two techniques essential to many fabrication processes, such as those in the automotive and aerospace industry.

Laser beams allow for the automation of metal and thermoplastic welding. High power density beams mean that the size of the laser spot is reduced for more effective heating and cooling, thereby speeding up production. With such a small beam and a small margin for error, accuracy is vital in such applications. Therefore, precision is a necessary requirement for the small DC motors within. 

Other applications include automatic wire feeders, which precisely supply the right amount of solder. This must be done consistently to ensure a smooth and secure connection. 

Recommended products 

FAULHABER brushless high torque DC motors 

Brushless motors are typically better suited than brushed motors to industrial applications, as their design means they offer a longer lifespan and higher energy efficiency. 

Learn more about EMS’ range of brushless DC motors here or explore FAULHABER’s motor catalogue on their website. 

High resolution encoder 

Many industrial applications rely on accurate measurement and precise positioning. Integrated directly into a drive system, encoders can provide real-time feedback on motor movement and position. EMS offers several types of encoders, including incremental, optical, and magnetic encoders. 

Learn more about the range of encoders available through EMS here

Case studies

Sensor screwdriver

Our sense of touch means that for humans, knowing how much to tighten a screw is intuitive. But the same isn’t quite true for robots. Instead, strain gauges must be used to measure the force applied and ensure accuracy of the screwdriving process. 

Read the full case study here

With many types of DC motor available, EMS can provide the drive system solution to meet the demands of any application. To find out more about how our motors could help, get in touch with a member of the team today. 



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