Know How


FAULHABER have a comprehensive set of short, easy to use Drive Time videos which guide the user from basic motor selection, all the way through to sophisticated motion control configuration. Links to the playlists on YouTube can be found below, and our experts are always on hand to offer support on any of the topics covered below.

Drive Time Basics

A playlist of FAULHABER Drive Time videos that cover the all the basics, from inital motor type selection, all the way through to optimising your system for maximum efficiency.


Getting started with drive electronics

A deeper dive into configuring the powerful drive electronics available from FAULHABER


Motion Controller Tuning

A series of short videos foucussed on optimising the performance of your motion control system.


How to use discrete inputs

An in depth look at how to configure and use the suite of digital and analogue I/O available on FAULHABER motion controllers.

Stepper Motors

An introduction to stepper motors and their complementary drive electronics.



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