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Nidec Motors & Actuators

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EMS is the exclusive distributor of Nidec Motors & Actuators for the UK and Ireland. Established as SWF in 1923 in Germany and part of the Nidec Group since 2007, Nidec Motors & Actuators serves the global industrial community with a wide range of small DC motors, including DC motors fitted with spur gear and worm gear gearheads.

The durability and reliability of Nidec motors is drawn from the company’s origins in the automotive industry, which benefits from the same design, quality, performance and testing. All of the motors in the range are manufactured in Europe, with a selection of stock ready in the UK.

Nidec motor applications

The Nidec range of DC motors and actuators supplied by EMS are primarily available in 12 to 24 volts DC. Products are particularly suited for applications in healthcare, including mechanical lifting systems such as patient hoists, bath lifters and pillow raisers.

Nidec Motors & Actuators also specialises in drive systems for the automation industry. This includes door opening mechanisms for vehicular and pedestrian access, such as domestic garage door openers. Other applications that can benefit from Nidec motors and electric actuator systems include food processing, labelling machines and any other application that demands low-voltage, high-torque motors and geared motor systems.

For instance, the DCK right angled gear-motor range is known for its balance of performance, quality and cost-effectiveness. As part of the range, Nidec’s DCK35 series delivers torque ratings up to eight newton metres (Nm) while weighing just 1.2 kilograms, making it ideal for applications that require precision in a small space envelope.

Your small DC motor provider

For more technical information for the Nidec DC motors EMS supplies, please contact our specialists here. In addition to motors from Nidec Motors & Actuators, EMS stocks drives from Nidec Servo, which you can find out more about here. 


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