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Miniature high precision bearings

To complement our ranges of small DC motors, EMS offers a wide range of products that employ high precision bearings to help you develop complete motion systems.

Our principal supplier for precision miniature bearings, Micro Precision System AG (MPS) of Switzerland, has over 70 years of experience in the design and manufacture of miniature bearing systems. Initially catering to the watch industry, MPS offers standard and customised bearing solutions for many linear systems, whether in linear guides, ballscrews or four point contact ballraces.

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Miniature ball screw

The primary function of ball screws is to convert rotational motion to linear motion. As part of the Microlinea range from MPS, EMS can offer both standard and custom ball screws.

Available with a range of lubricants, options for customised screw ends, varying thread lengths and several other bespoke options, EMS is your UK partner for high precision miniature ball screws from MPS. Learn more about the range we supply here.

Linear bearings

EMS supplies the Microlinea range of linear bearings from MPS. As some of the smallest linear bearings on the market, they boast an inner diameter of 1.5 millimetres (mm) and an outer diameter of three mm.

However, their small size does not compromise high quality, and the balls of these linear precision bearings meet the ISO 3290/DIN 5401 standard with “grade three”, the highest quality defined by the standard. The range is suitable for a variety of applications, including aerospace, medical, precision measuring systems and microrobotics.

Learn more about the Microlinea range, supplied by EMS, here.

Four point contact bearings

Four point contact bearings are single-row angular contact ball bearings, which require significantly less space in an axial direction than typical double-row designs. With roots in the Swiss watch making industry — one of the most demanding applications to use ball bearings under 0.2 mm in diameter — MPS four point contact bearings are the ideal complement to any micromotor application that demands complexity in a tight space.

Standard products are unavailable. Instead, enquiring with EMS will allow you to partner up with MPS’s design expertise to develop a miniature bearing system engineered for your requirements

Ready to select your miniature bearings?

Whether your application requires an off-the-shelf solution or a custom-made project, EMS is your UK partner for high precision bearing systems. Get in touch with the team to discover more today. 


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