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Cutting edge brushless motors at Med-Tech 2021

10/08/2021 - EMS to present range of FAULHABER motors at UK's leading medical design event

10th August 2021
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FAULHABER distributor, Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS), is exhibiting at the Med-Tech Innovation Expo, taking place at the NEC Birmingham on 28-29 September 2021. At the UK's leading medical design and manufacturing technology event, the company will showcase its extensive range of FAULHABER motors. This includes the class leading BXT flat brushless motors, which are ideal for application in medical devices.

Hosting over 4,000 designers, engineers, innovators and manufacturers from across the medical and healthcare sector, Med-Tech Innovation 2021 acts as the perfect platform to showcase the abilities of motors for medical devices.

The focus on medical devices has never been stronger, with advances in medicine playing a crucial role in the fight against COVID-19. Many innovative medical applications require actuation that is powerful and reliable, making cutting edge motor technology an important part of the design process.

For instance, powered respirators have allowed laboratory technicians to safely research COVID-19. In addition, a number of patients who are hospitalised with the virus need a ventilator to support their breathing process. These devices require powerful drive systems to control airflow and ensure the user receives enough clean oxygen.

The FAULHABER flat brushless BXT motor series is ideal for respirator and ventilator applications, and will be displayed by EMS at MedTech. The series has an innovative winding technology that offers high efficiency and torque up to 134 millinewton meters (mNm). Its optimised design is both compact and lightweight,  delivering high power in a small package.

The power-dense BXT series is also beneficial in a range of other medical applications, such as surgical robots, laboratory equipment and prosthetics. The unhoused BXT R models are ideal for speed-controlled applications in which high powers are transformed, because the residual heat from the motor is optimally dissipated. This is crucial for powered prosthetics that need to move accurately without overheating, which could injure patients.

The series can be paired with FAULHABER’s GPT planetary gearheads, which further improve torque capability and extend speed range. The GPT series can sustain an intermittent torque up to 25 Newton meters (Nm), with a length of just 71 millimetres (mm).

“The robotic, medical and prosthetic industries are key target areas for FAULHABER motors in the UK,” explained Dave Walsha, sales manager at EMS. “Exhibiting at Med-Tech allows us to tap into the demands of the market and demonstrate how our products are of benefit.

“The impressive torque of the BXT range, in comparison to the size and weight of the motor, is crucial for many space-limited applications. Furthermore, the motor’s service life is predominately dependent on the service life of the bearings, rather than the motor itself, because the motors are commutated electronically rather than mechanically.

“With access to thousands of actors from across the medial supply chain, we hope that Med-Tech Innovations will provide us with the ideal opportunity to inform stake-holders of the advantages of our FAULHABER motor range.”

To find out more about EMS and its product offering, contact us or visit stand E11 at the Med-Tech Innovation Expo on 28-29 September, 2021.