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Cutting-edge performance in a compact space

17/03/2023 - EMS supplies latest additions to the FAULHABER linear actuator L series

17th March 2023
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DC micromotor supplier Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS) Ltd has expanded its offering of linear actuators with the newest additions to the FAULHABER L series. The 06L, 08L and 10L linear actuators, which offer a diameter between six and ten millimetres (mm), add to existing 22L and 32L that were launched as part of the series in 2022.

Designed for high performance in compact dimensions, the 06L, 08L and 10L can support both large input speed and high output force. A large number of uniformly distributed reduction ratios are available to ensure the most suitable configuration for various force or speed operating points.

FAULHABER’s L series offers design engineers a high degree of flexibility with a wide product range, including a modifiable selection of screw type and sizes and nut type and length. Various flange and nut configurations are available to match different ambient conditions and make mechanical integration inside applications faster and smoother.

“The new L series actuators offer a very robust design with a full reduction ratio range,” explained Dave Walsha, sales manager at EMS. “They can be combined with a wide portfolio of combinable motors such as FAULHABER DC motors, B and B-Micro brushless motors or stepper motors.

“The 06L, 08L and 10L have integrated lead screws and are perfect for both standard and high loads. The primary difference between each new actuator is the continuous axial force, which describes the load’s force that acts along the length of a structure, and the peak axial force each actuator can reach. Design engineers should consider each actuator’s combination options and load requirement to find the best match for their particular application.

“As FAULHABER’s sole UK and Ireland supplier, the new linear actuator series adds to continuously growing range of products that we offer our customers. The flexibility, robustness and high performance of the 06L, 08L and 10L linear actuators makes them well suited to various applications, especially those requiring smaller diameter actuators without compromising their load. Customer specific modifications and product combinations are also possible in order to enhance particular performance parameters to fulfil specific needs, such as accuracy.”

To find out more about FAULHABER’s new linear actuator L series, as well as the other DC electric motors EMS offers, get in touch today.