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Dedicated drive systems for COVID-19

12-05-2020 - Drive Systems for Healthcare, Medical & Laboratory Equipment

12th May 2020
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The coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19, have the world on edge. The number of people who have fallen ill and who have tested positive for the virus continues to rise. To slow the spread of the pandemic, measures – some of which are very drastic – are being taken around the world. At the same time, laboratory and diagnostic capacities are being created and expanded to allow tests to be analyzed faster and to perform research using antibodies and immunity data to help develop vaccines. But the protection of the people who are fighting for the lives of hospitalized patients must also be seamless and function as reliably as the ventilators for ill patients. For these important and in some cases life-sustaining systems, FAULHABER develops and delivers key components with its drive systems. In addition to the high standards of EN ISO 9001 and 14001, FAULHABER is also specially certified for medical products acc. to EN ISO 13485.

With extensive experience in application fields including ventilation systems, PAPR, point of care analysis systems, lab automation, infrared thermometry and many others FAULHABER and EMS are ready to help you react to this crisis with proven technology. If you have an application you'd like to discuss further contact one of our engineers today for a free consultation or click here to read more on the FAULHABER site and download the market brochure.