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DMN Sample stock now available through EMS

08/06/2021 - Motors available for accelerated prototyping

8th June 2021
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Nidec Servo DMN Series

Leading supplier of small and medium sized motors, Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS), has a selection of sample stock of the DMN brushed motor range available in the UK to accelerate product prototype development. The range is renowned for its high quality and long life, while remaining a cost effective solution.

Launched by Nidec Servo, the DMN range has an optimised brush design that allows intermittent operation over one million cycles, and a continuous operating life of 3,000 hours. The range achieves this long life cycle while still delivering a high output due to enhanced heat dissipation and resistance.

With a robust construction, the motors have a high radial load capacity, which is the maximum force that can be applied to the shaft in the radial direction, perpendicular to the motor shaft axis, without causing deflection or damage. The strength of the motors is reinforced further by their large diameter output shaft and ball bearings.

The DMN motors each feature a brush holder made of resin to keep the brush in the correct position and provide support to ensure efficient operation. As the brush holders are made from resin, instead of the traditional material choice of metals such as brass, they provide increased insulation and lower noise.

“The long life and high strength of the DMN motor range makes them a reliable choice for driving equipment in patient care and industrial applications,” explained Stewart Goulding, managing director of EMS. “Lower noise is an additional feature that will benefit users, providing a more comfortable experience.

“A large selection of gear heads and reduction ratios are available to suit a variety of customer applications. The motors can also be paired with a complementary magnetic revolution sensor to achieve fine speed control,” Goulding added.

“EMS has select sample stock available in the UK for express delivery to our customers, helping to minimise delays in product prototype development. The range adds to the already wide selection of motors we supply from a variety of brands, including Nidec, FAULHABER and KAG.

“We’re committed to supplying a diverse range of electro-mechanical products to our customers to suit their unique projects, and the DMN range provides a high quality and cost effective option.”

For more information on the Nidec Servo range, contact us.