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EMS to showcase FAULHABER product ranges


4th October 2021
Filed under: Expo, Robotics

EMS Robotics & Automation

Leading mechatronics system supplier, Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS) will be displaying its FAULHABER motor ranges at the Robotics and Automation exhibition, taking place at the Coventry Building Society Arena on 2-3 November 2021. The ranges offer superior power density and precision for automated movement applications in industries such as logistics and manufacturing.

The FAULHABER ranges include the BXT series, a collection of brushless flat motors with external rotor technology. The series delivers impressively high torque, up to 134 millinewton meters (mNm), while maintaining a low weight and length as short as 14 millimetres (mm). This makes the motors advantageous in automated equipment that requires multiple motors to power different axis of movement, while adding minimal weight and bulk.

Along with the BXT series, EMS will be showcasing its BP4 range, which has a high continuous output from 133 to 150 watts (W) and an efficiency of up to 91 per cent. The range is well suited to dynamic start-stop applications, such as pick and place robots, which are often used in packaging and palletizing applications. As demand for collaborative robots, or cobots, continues to rise across the manufacturing, medical and aerospace industries, these motors will be particularly suited in equipment used for close proximity human-automation collaborations.

“As the sole UK supplier of FAULHABER, the Robotics and Automation exhibition provides us the ideal opportunity to showcase our high power density FAULHABER motor ranges that meet the demands of automated applications,” explained Stewart Goulding, managing director of EMS.

“As well as exhibiting EMS’s new products, we will be discussing our new facility at the show,” added Goulding. “The factory move has increased our manufacturing and meeting facilities, allowing us to build on our already extensive 35 year experience at the forefront of mechatronic systems. Our expanded capacity to produce bespoke mechatronic systems at the new factory will benefit automated applications that have specific space envelope and performance requirements.

“This will be our third time exhibiting at the show, and we look forward to meeting our current and potential customers in the growing robotics and automation sector.”

To find out more about EMS Ltd and its product offering, contact us or visit stand 306 at Robotics and Automation on 2-3 November, 2021.