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01/05/18 - 1660 BHx series launch

1st May 2018
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1660 BHX

The new 1660 ... BHx series sets new standards: with respect to dimensions and weight, it delivers high speed and power values with low vibration and heat development, something inconceivable until recently. This drive series is thereby predestined for handpieces with high power requirements in applications with limited installation space.

The BHx series made by FAULHABER are new high power slotless brushless motors in 16 mm diameter based on a 2-pole technology. Through their robust, compact design and outstanding performance data, the motors of this new product family are particularly well suited for demanding applications like dental handpieces, medical robotics and electrical grippers, as well as laboratory equipment, professional handtools or robotics.

In order to fit at best the large variety of different application needs, the BHx series comes with two different motor designs, both in 60 mm length, respectively designed for high speed and high torque.

The 1660…BHS Series is capable to operate at speeds up to 100,000 rpm and delivers an exceptional power of 96 W to satisfy the most demanding application. The 1660…BHS is the ideal solution for devices running for long period of time while preserving a low housing temperature like for high speed handtools.

In addition, the 1660…BHT series can provide a continuous output torque close to 19 mNm with the ability to manage variable loads. Their flat speed-torque curve as low as 95 rpm/mNm helps to minimize speed fluctuation to ensure constant speed and smooth behaviour. For specific applications the motor can generate impulsive torque above 30 mNm, traditionally such high performance levels were only achieved by much larger motor sizes. Those attributes make the 1660…BHT series the perfect solution for recurring intermittent use with high dynamic and also for accurate positioning.

1660 Hologram

With their long form factor and low-vibration and quiet operation, both 1660…BHS and 1660…BHT series are particularly well suited for quiet handtools, which reduce user fatigue when used for long periods of time. The low rotor inertia enables fine motor control by drive electronics and makes their operation very smooth.

BHx series motors can be combined with high resolution magnetic encoders, planetary gearheads and drive electronics from the FAULHABER product range.

Find out more about the BHX series of brushless DC motors on the FAULHABER website.