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Miniature Size, Mighty Control

21/04/2021 - EMS supplies new FAULHABER motion controllers

21st April 2021
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MC3001 Group

Sole UK supplier of FAULHABER motors, Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS), is supplying the new FAULHABER MC3001 motion controllers MC3001B and MC3001P. Designed for control and positioning tasks, the controllers exhibit a miniaturised size and high power. The new additions complete FAULHABER’s MC V3.0 generation of controllers for smaller drives.

Measuring just 2.6 millimetres (mm) in height with a format from 16 by 27 mm, the new unhoused motion controllers are extremely miniaturised. But their small size does not compromise performance, as they can be operated with 1.4 amperes (A) in continuous operation and up to five A peak current. Along with these beneficial attributes, the new motion controllers also feature very high control dynamics.

Despite being incredibly compact, the new MC3001 controllers have the same functionality and interfaces as more powerful products of the MC V3.0 generation. They can control DC micromotors, linear DC servomotors and brushless DC motors ranging from six to 30 mm diameter from the FAULHABER product line.

External laboratories have verified the excellent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) behaviour of the new controllers, proving they can operate acceptably in their electromagnetic environment alongside other electronic devices. Achieving this requires the device to function in its electromagnetic environment without suffering impairment or faults, and without influencing the environment in a way that would adversely affect other devices.

Another advantage of the new motion controllers is that they provide full thermal protection for motors. This is achieved through their integrated thermal modules and high pulse width modification (PWM) frequency, which minimises torque ripple and therefore prevents overheating.

Two variants of the MC001 motion controllers are available. The MC3001B plugs into a motherboard with three micro board-to-board connectors, while the MC3001P plugs in with a 28 pin plug connector. Also available is a compatible FAULHABER starter kit that includes a motherboard, which enables quick and easy development of the drive system.

“The new MC3001 motion controllers deliver high performance in a thumb-sized module,” said Dave Walsha, sales manager at EMS. “Their compact design allows them to fit into confined spaces and add minimal bulk to mechanical systems. This makes them ideal for fields such as robotics, machine construction and laboratory technology.

“Being designed for slave operation, the new additions can receive signals from a master controller to work in synchrony. This has advantages in a conveyor belt system, for example, where all the powering motors must run at the same speed for successful operation,” Walsha added.

“As the sole UK supplier of FAULHABER, EMS supplies a range of complementary DC micromotors, linear DC servomotors and brushless DC motors that can be paired with the new controllers to achieve a high precision drive system.

The new MC3001 motion controllers build on our already well rounded supply of FAULHABER products, allowing us to continue to provide high performance drive systems that are ideally suited to our customers’ applications.”

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