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New 8mm & 10mm BLDC Micro Drives

New 8mm & 10mm BLDC micro drives set new benchmark for performance and size.

24th April 2013
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Faulhaber BLDC servomotor

EMS are pleased to announce the very latest Brushless DC‐Servomotors Series 0824 … B and 1028 … B from the world renowned FAULHABER GROUP.

These two new, extremely compact brushless DC servomotors combine power, robustness and high resolution feedback in a unique way. This innovative drive concept underlines FAULHABER's successful tradition in the area of micro drive technology and complements the range of brushless 'mini' DC servomotors with diameters ranging from 6 to 12 mm.

High continuous torque, 1.1 and 2.1 mNm respectively, a very flat slope of the speed/torque motor curve, in extremely compact dimensions results in a very high power to size ratio. Combined with an exceptionally low mechanical time constant of just 2ms the outcome is a very dynamic motor ideal for highly demanding applications with high performance requirements in a limited space.

Both drive series are available with a high‐resolution integrated encoder as standard, without additional length or extra cost. This makes these motors particularly suitable for demanding positioning tasks in areas such as optics and photonics, medical device technology, and robotics.

The encoder is available as a flexible 3 Channel incremental version with resolution from 1 to 1024 CPR or a 12 Bit single turn absolute encoder and is configurable at the final stage of production, offering huge benefits in standardisation and flexibility in supply.  A single flex-board provides connections for voltage supply of the encoder and motor and of the output signals.

Speed and motion controllers matching the motor powers and a wide range of precise and powerful planetary and spur gearheads with numerous reduction ratios complement the two drive series for a flexible system solution in a multitude of different application areas.

Available exclusively in the UK from Electro Mechanical Systems Ltd. Get in touch with the team to discuss your requirements.