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Piezomotor launches second generation linear motor

15/3/17 - Piezomotor LL06 global release

15th March 2017
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Piezomotor LL06 LEGS linear motor

New from Piezomotor, the LEGS Linear 6N motor has been redesigned and repackaged to allow for the simple implementation of integrated guided and a high resolution sensor. This new LL06 motor is the next generation of the hugely successful LL10 series, but both will remain in production to support existing business as well as new applications.

One of the key new features is the optional integrated high resolution incremental encoder. Featuring a quadrature output with a resolution of 1.25um it allows the construction of an incredibly compact, high resolution system with none of the backlash issues associated with traditional geared drives.

The new slim design has not compromised performance, and the motor still delivers a holding force of 7N with zero power consumption. Please contact us today for more info or visit the PiezoMotor website for more information. 

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Piezomotor LL06 Motor and Encoder Piezomotor LL06 LEGS linear motor without guides or sensor