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Drive system supplier Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS) will once again be returning to exhibit at the Design Engineering Expo this year. As the UK’s exclusive FAULHABER distributor, EMS will showcase the latest developments in micromotors and advanced drive systems, including the IEP3 incremental encoder and new BX4 IMC — fe…

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A 24/7 solar farm

9th May 2024
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Space Solar Farm

What if we could generate solar power day and night, 365 days a year?  A new project sets to find this out with its innovative space-based solar farm concept. Here, Dave Walsha, sales manager at drive system supplier EMS, explores the DC motor technology making ambitious space projects possible. Oxfordshire-based Space Solar is…

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Where positional accuracy and motor movement control is key, you’re sure to find a motion controller. But achieving controller configurations matched perfectly to the application requires specialist software. As the UK and Ireland distributor for FAULHABER, Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS) now offers the newly upgraded Motion…

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EMS Custom Drive Systems

When working with a small space envelope or unique application, there may be times where standard, off-the-shelf motors, gearboxes and actuators aren’t quite the right fit. In such cases, a custom drive system may be the best alternative. Here, Stewart Goulding, managing director of actuation system specialist EMS, provides an…

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Surgical Robotics

In response to rising pressures on the healthcare sector, a new Government initiative seeks to allow UK patients faster access to innovative medical devices. Essential to many MedTech devices lies an electronic drive system, but how can we ensure it’s up to scratch? Here, Dave Walsha, sales manager at drive system supplier EMS…

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