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Laboratory Automation

With the potential to boost productivity by up to 90 per cent while reducing cost per specimen, laboratory automation is reshaping medical research. In this article, Dave Walsha, sales manager at drive system supplier EMS, explores some of the key points to consider for successful implementation of the latest in automation techn…

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High accuracy, compact design

11th January 2024
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IEP3 Encoder

Sole UK & Ireland supplier of FAULHABER drive systems, Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS), has expanded its product range with the new IEP3 incremental encoder series from FAULHABER. Characterised by high accuracy in a small installation space, the encoder will benefit a variety of precision applications including medical technolo…

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Mass Personalisation

It’s no secret that robotics and automation have been key drivers in achieving mass production. But as manufacturers seek to offer a wider variety of products able to fit individual customer needs, can automation bring personalisation to the same scale? Here, Dave Walsha, sales manager at DC motor supplier EMS, explores.Indust…

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What’s holding back robot adoption?

16th October 2023
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Robot Arm

The most recent statistics from the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) found that the UK has approximately 101 robots per 10,000 employees. With the world average cited at 126 units, it’s clear that the UK is lagging far behind its competitors when it comes to embracing robotic technology. Here, Dave Walsha, sales mana…

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Is it possible that one day, you or I could step onto another planetary body? For decades, space travel has been reserved for the select few. Now, with private companies offering space travel opportunities to commercial passengers, accessible space travel could be closer than we think. But before we can visit space freely, we mu…

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