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Mingardi & ASA

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We offer and stock in the UK a comprehensive range Mingardi linear rod actuators as well as rack and chain drive actuators.

Available in 230V/120V AC and 24V DC we offfer a wide selection suitable for building automation and industrial applications alike.

AC Rod Actuators utlise hollow rotor motors resulting in an aesthetically pleasing in-line design. With integrated limit switches for end position control and slow turning direct drive motors, a quiet, smooth and reliable operation is assured.

Rack Actuators offer great diversity as the stroke length can be increased up to 1.0m without any change to the basic motor construction. In addition they can be mechanically linked by means of a connecting rod that allows the unique opportunity to push the same load from two invividual points some distance apart, whilst maintaining perfect synchronicity courtesy of the single motor drive.

Chain Drives provide a unique benefit of very small closed dimensions and relatively long stroke lengths. The self supporting chain is coiled and stored within the discreet aluminium extruded housing making them perfect for those more visible building automation installations.


EMS also offers the full range of ASA Tubular Motors for every type of rolling shutter and solar protection appliction with 3 different technologies:

Mechanical technology - based on traditional mechanical limit switches
Electronic technology - elecronic switching with the possibility of detectors and additional safety features
Radio technology - solutions based on radio technology for total comfort and control

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