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Linear bearings from EMS

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EMS offers a range of high precision linear bearings through our partnership with Micro Precision System AG (MPS). These miniature bearings support motion in applications where size and precision are everything ─ from watchmaking and optic applications to medical implants and cutting tools. The nature of these applications means these bearings must meet stringent requirements. Balls within MPS’ miniature bearings meet “Grade 3”, the highest quality defined by the ISO 3290/DIN 5401 standard. 

MPS offers two series of linear ball bearings within its standard Microlinear range. 

L series 

The L series offers some of the world’s smallest linear bearings, with bore diameters starting at just 1.5 mm. Both the housing and balls are made from stainless steel, with a brass retainer. 

Providing exceptionally smooth movement with very low friction, these miniature bearings come with a long service life. Bearings in this range offer a static load capacity of up to 250 N, and a dynamic load capacity of 220 N.  With the standard lubricant, these bearings can operate within temperature ranges of -40 to +80 degrees °C. All stainless-steel versions, or bearings with ceramic balls are also available on request. 

Learn more about the L series on MPS’ website here. 

DBL series

The DBL series of miniature linear bearings boasts stainless steel balls and needles encased in a plastic body. 
Bearings in the DBL series start at a bore diameter of three mm and an outer diameter of seven mm, going up to twelve mm and 19 mm respectively. The DBL series allows access to much higher load capacities than the L series, with the largest bearing in the range offering a static load capacity of 1332 N and a dynamic load capacity of 1162 N. 

Learn more about the DBL series on MPS’ website here. 

Custom bearings

Alongside its standard product ranges, MPS also offers fully customised solutions. This can include dry lubrication for high vacuum applications, or providing more miniaturised and lightweight assemblies for applications where space and weight are critical.  

Select your linear bearings from EMS

To learn more about the range of linear bearings available through EMS and to explore custom solutions, get in touch with a member of the team today here.  







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