Coating changes of product series CR, SR, 1336CXR/1727CXR and 1727C/3863C from August 2023

Herein follows a statement from FAULHABER Drive Systems regarding a coating change to the motor series referenced above.

Compliance with all relevant regulatory specifications is our highest priority to which we at FAULHABER Drive Systems are fully committed. We apply our "Error free" ideology not only to the direct characteristics of our products, but also to the implementation of the global regulatory market specifications. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the upcoming changes to the REACH regulation and the associated consequences for our products.

The REACH regulation (EC)1907/2006 is the European Regulation for the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals. To strengthen the protection of human health and the environment against risks that can occur as a result of the use of chemicals, the European Union created the so-called REACH regulation. This regulation governs whether and under what conditions certain chemicals are allowed to be used inside the European Union.

Chromium trioxide (chromium(VI) oxide) has, on account of its hazardous properties, been included in the authorization list of the REACH regulation. However, chromium trioxide has a comparatively broad range of applications. It is used in a large number of surface treatment processes. Looking ahead, authorization of chromium(VI) will in future be prohibited inside the EU. End products, such as finished, black-chromated components, can continue to be sold and used within the EU. According to the REACH regulation, this means that no obligations toward authorities and customers currently exist for companies that source these end products. Despite the pending decision to prohibit the process material in the foreseeable future, we are already endeavouring and taking responsibility to manufacture our products in an environmentally aware manner without putting human health at risk.

In our search for an environmentally aware production process, we came across a method that has a significantly reduced risk potential for humans and the environment. For the SR and CR product families and the 1336CXR/1727CXR, 1727C/3863C motors, FAULHABER will therefore adapt the used coating process to a sustainable production method that does not pose any risk for humans and the environment.

To rule out restrictions with regard to the use of these motors, FAULHABER has trialled various alternative coatings and successfully completed qualification of a new chemical nickel coating. All affected products mentioned above will be switched to this new coating.

This sustainable and environmentally aware changeover has in some cases resulted in visual changes to our products. The SR and CR product series, which at present have a black-chromated housing, will in future be given a silver-coloured housing. The currently used article numbers will remain unchanged. Due to the coating change as well as optimization of the measurement processes, minor corrections in the data sheet specifications will result in addition to the visual changes.

We will begin the gradual changeover in August 2023. The products mentioned above will be in this changeover corridor over the course of 2023 until the end of 2025. Mixed deliveries may occasionally occur during this period.

In order to maintain the same level of quality of our products and processes and to generate a corresponding buffer, we are already one step ahead with this changeover and will be able to offer you a preventive solution at an early stage. We will of course support you during this changeover and ask for your understanding with respect to the sustainability and environmental awareness of this mandatory changeover.

To ensure a smooth changeover with a focus on continuous delivery, we are unable at present and owing to fluctuating stocks to provide any detailed information regarding the changeover dates for specific article numbers.

Your personal contact from our Sales department is available to answer any questions you may have - you can download this information document on the right had side of this page.


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