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Four point contact bearings from MPS

Four point bearings

Miniature four point contact bearings

The four point contact bearings available from mps in their Microsphere range have their roots in the Swiss watchmaking industry — one of the most demanding applications, often utilising ball bearings under 0.2mm in diameter. Due to the type of applications these bearings are used in there are no standard products, but the highly experienced design team at mps will ensure the right configuration for your application and can offer axial load capabilities up to 90N and radial loads in excess of 40Nm using ball bearings on 0.6mm in diameter. Lubricant free bearings are also available where the application demands it. 

In addition to the bearing systems designed for use within the watch industry and micromotors mps also offer biocompatible bearings for high tech implantable medical devices. These are just some examples of where miniature bearings are currently in use, if you have an application where you need a miniature bearing system please get in touch so we can help you with your application.

Please call our sales office or use our contact form below for further information on the outstanding Microlinea range from mps.


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