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Extension Options

Note: these assemblies are barrels only, for clamping into the extension units – No handles are supplied with them. These barrels are available in 1/2” only and in the following standard sizes:

Barrel Assemblies for Extension Units 
1/2" x 3"Part N° 44-30503
1/2" x 6"Part N° 44-30506
1/2" x 9"Part N° 44-30509
1/2" x 12"Part N° 44-30512
1/2" x 18"Part N° 44-30518
1/2" x 150mmPart N° 44-30506
1/2" x 200mmPart N° 44-30509
1/2" x 300mmPart N° 44-30512

Other lengths available on request up to 2500mm

Please note we can make barrel lengths to your requirements but long lengths may become unwieldy and allow more flex in the apparatus.


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