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Alpha Adaptors

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The Alpha adaptor is used in conjunction with the bayonet fitting to eliminate all leak paths in the assembly. The alpha adaptor must be used with the bayonet barrel handle assemblies as without it no tools can be fitted to the assembly.
Important: Must be used with all Bayonet Barrel Assemblies.

The alpha adaptor seals the potential leak-path between the outer body of the handle assembly and the inner push rod. It also completes the seal between the gaiter, tong-port and handle assembly. The two nuts as seen on the left hand illustration and below, clamp the gaiter to the Alpha adaptor, forming the outer seal, whilst the inner seal and pushrod prevent the internal leakage that would otherwise occur.

The Alpha adaptor assembly has a dedicated removal station allowing the replacement of gaiters without compromising the cell. This item must be included in the cell and aligned with the handle assembly it is to work with.

Alpha Adaptor Types

At present EMS manufacture three different alpha adaptor types, two for the 1/2" bayonet tong assembly and one type for the 3/4". These parts all allow a gas tight seal around the outside of a barrel through use of a gaiter, and the internal leak path of the barrel is eliminated through the use of another seal, as detailed previously in the Alpha Adaptor information page.

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