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Powered Air-Purifying Respirators


Personal protective equipment (PAPR)

Respiratory protection is an especially important part of personal protective equipment. After all, the virus spreads through respiratory droplet transmission. Closed PAPR systems (powered air-purifying respirators) provide ideal protection for medical personnel. Wearable ventilation systems provide filtered, contaminate-free air via a fan. This allows medical professionals and clinical personnel to be personally protected from exposure to the virus, while still being able to care for COVID-19-infected patients. A PAPR requires drives that are lightweight, compact, and powerful. Especially for current conditions, the PAPR motors must also be reliable and high efficiency, to keep up with the longer staff shifts and increased demand of essential medical staff. The FAULHABER portfolio includes precious-metal commutated DC-Micromotors as well as brushless DC-motors that are ideally suited for this application.

Respiratory protection systems that use a fan to draw air through the filter are better suited for the user than those with which the user must use his or her own lung power. The constant flow of air enables more natural and less fatiguing breathing. Drives for respirators, as part of personal protective equipment (PPE) must be both lightweight, compact and powerful. Of the SR and S/G motor series families, FAULHABER offers a wide selection of coreless DC motors with a diameter of 22 mm. These are ideally suited for portable applications, as the precious-metal commutation and the non-ferrous rotor ensure a long battery life and high efficiency. The minimal rotor inertia of the these FAULHABER motors enable highly dynamic control.

The new FAULHABER flat brushless dc BXT motor series is also ideal for use in powered respirators and medical venitlation. Thanks to an innovative winding technology and optimized, compact design, the BXT series offers high torque and high-efficiency, both of which significantly exceed market standards. with regard to the ratio of torque to length, volume and weight.

The FAULHABER BRC series brushless DC motors are suitable for use in a wide range of medical and lab technology, including both ventilators and respirators. Ranging in diameter from 15 to 31 mm, they enable actuation in extremely confined spaces, which is especially important for mobile and battery operated applications such as PAPR respiratory protection.

Individual drive solutions
As the drive specialist with the world's largest portfolio available from a single source, FAULHABER specializess in high performance, high precision motion system solutions, as well as advanced modifications to the mechanical and electrical interfaces of the motors independent of the application to provide solutions that are individually customized, configured, and optimized for each application. Contact FAULHABER to learn more, or to explore the broadest range of compact, high performance, high-precision motion system solutions and drives.


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