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Flat brushless DC motor selection from EMS

Flat DC micromotors are destined for applications with height restraints. They make use of coil technology that’s designed to be as flat as possible, which also gives the motors other names such as disc motors, flat motor and flat rotor-motor. With disc motors, the rotor is designed as a disc shape to give minimal inertia, essential for fast load changes. 

Flat DC motors are typically designed as a multi-pole system giving the motor added torque. The motors can also be supplied with integrated gearheads and optical encoders, both of which are designed to match the motors’ extremely flat design. 

As one can imagine, a flat DC motor is suited to applications where space and weight savings are a prime concern. That could include small inspection robots tasked with investigating the conditions of underground pipes, wearable medical devices and portable laboratory testing equipment, among many others. 

Choose your FAULHABER flat brushless DC motor 

EMS supplies a variety of small DC motors from FAULHABER, including its flat DC motor options. As part of the FAULHABER group portfolio, these offer cost-effective, very low profile ironless rotor DC motors, ideal for applications where mounting depth is at a premium. Key features include ultra-flat dimensions, no cogging or preferred rotor position, extremely low current consumption, low starting voltage as well as low rotor inertia for extremely fast acceleration and braking. FAULHABER flat motors are also available with precision gearboxes in all sizes. 

FAULHABER flat brushless micromotors are based on innovative ironless coil designs that not only make them the flattest motors available in the industry, but also provide smooth performance in a compact, high efficiency package. These motors are characterised by their excellent speed control, whisper quiet performance and extremely low weight. 

For instance, the FAULHABER SR-FLAT series of DC micromotors and DC gearmotors are between just 15 to 26 millimetres (mm) in diameter and 5.5 to 21.5 mm in length. Featuring powerful rare-earth magnets, the motors deliver a continuous output of 0.8 Watts (W) to 4 W while maintaining minimal inertia. The motors are available with integrated gearheads and optical encoders — both with a complementing flat design. When combined with integrated gearheads and encoders, they provide a very compact drive system with increased output torque. 

All FAULHABER products are available to the UK and Ireland exclusively through EMS. That includes the complete range of flat DC motors, plus many other brushed DC motor and brushless DC motor options. EMS’s experienced team of engineers are on hand to recommend the best motor products for your application, plus any required accessories or add-ons. 

Visit the FAULHABER product selector for brushed DC motors. For more information on the motor products we offer our customers, click here. 



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