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FAULHABER Precistep Stepper Motor Range

FAULHABER Precistep Stepper Motors


EMS supplies small stepper motors from FAULHABER Precistep for demanding positions where accuracy is crucial. Delivering true Swiss precision, diameters range from six millimetres up to 66 millimetres.

A stepper motor is a type of brushless DC electric motor that doesn’t require closed loop control to make repeatable motion. Instead, stepper motors get their name from the discrete ‘steps’ they make during the motor’s rotation.

The precise and repeatable stepping motion of stepper motors makes them ideal for applications that require meticulous positioning such as 3D printers, scanners and robotics.

These stepper motors can also be equipped with miniature lead screws and nuts to create compact linear actuation systems with very precise and controllable movements.

For increased torque, the two-phase stepper motors can also be combined with FAULHABER planetary and spur gearheads.

Feedback is available in the form of optical encoders and special options include compatibility with vacuum environments. Find out more about the FAULHABER stepper motor selection by visiting the website.

Nidec Servo

Nidec Servo


Established over 50 years ago in Japan, Nidec Servo is a manufacturer of small motors, which offers a comprehensive range of motors and drives to suit applications varying from office automation to medical devices.

Compared to similar frame sizes from other manufacturers, the range of Nidec Servo stepper motors offer features including longer life, higher torque and less noise while running from both two and three phase hybrid motor series. This makes them particularly popular and used extensively by many of the world's key original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

There are six basic body sizes ranging from 20 mm square, up to 86 mm, with different lengths to build an extensive range of motor choice. They are available in step angles of 0.6, 1.2, 1.8, 3.75, 7.5 and 15 degrees. Each motor may be supplied with a drive also manufactured by Nidec Servo, enabling the optimisation of the motor performance and noise level to suit your application.

Visit the Nidec Servo website.


Selecting your small brushless motors

EMS supplies a full suite of DC motor products, including brushed and brushless DC motors, stepper motors, linear DC servomotors, precision gearheads and encoders, from some of the world’s leading drive system manufacturers.

For more information about the motor products EMS supplies to the UK and Ireland, click here.


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