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Ego Vertex V3

Vertex Triple Six

Power and Balance for reduced vibration and precision marking

The Little EGO Vertex V3 Plus is regarded as one of the best all round rotary tattoo machines available on the market. The EGO Vertex V3 Plus has progressed from its earlier ancestors into a superb, lightweight, robust and reliable day to day runner, and is now powered by FAULHABER motors.

EGO rotary tattoo machines have been designed and made by world renowned tattoo artist Bez of Triplesix Studios, Sunderland. Bez has invented the remarkable "power triangle" system. Each machine comes with a variety of different power triangles and each different colour is a different density of rubber. This allows the artist to configure their EGO exactly how they want it, in terms of give and throw. The power triangle system efficiently replicates the front and back spring system from coil machines, thus combining the reliability and consistency of a rotary machine, with the same workability as a coil machine.

At the heart of the EGO Vertex plus is the FAULHABER brushed DC motor type 1724 SR especially developed for the demanding requirements of tattoo machines.

1724...SR DC MotorVertex Blue Triple Six

The motor, just 17mm diameter and 24mm long is based on the patented ironless self supporting system Faulhaber coil, which has been enhanced with increased copper density and rare earth magnet for even greater power density. The higher torque constant and flatter n-M curve results in a stronger, best in class motor.

A new phase connection system and re-inforced commutation system and highly balanced coil results in low noise, less vibration and extended lifetime even in the most challenging applications.


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