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Brushed motors designed for tattoo machines

Vertex Triple Six

Tattoo artists hold a lot of responsibility. While a bad tattoo can be covered up or removed, these aren’t easy fixes — and a client who’s sat painfully through a session won’t be pleased at a bad result. To help tattooists deliver the best experience to their customers, investing in the right equipment is key. In this case study, we’ll explore how the EGO Vertex V3 Plus tattoo machine, driven by DC motors from FAULHABER, is the ideal solution for tattooists looking for a lightweight, accurate machine. 

Introducing the EGO Vertex V3 Plus

Regarded as one of the best all round rotary tattoo machines on the market, the EGO Vertex V3 Plus has progressed from its earlier ancestors into a superb, lightweight, robust and reliable day to day runner, partly thanks to the inclusion of high-performance DC motors from FAULHABER. 

EGO’s rotary tattoo machine has been designed and made by world renowned tattoo artist Bez of Triplesix Studios, Sunderland. Bez invented EGO’s patented “power triangle” system designed to replicate the movement of a coil machine. These “power triangles” are coloured triangular pieces of rubber. Each triangle has a different colour denoting its density and hardness. 

Yellow triangles are the softest in the range, gradually becoming harder with green, purple, red and blue and finally black. By combining these triangles in a variety of patterns, tattooists can configure the machine exactly the way they want it in terms of give and throw. 

Essentially, this triangle system helps to replicate the front and back spring system from coil machines, without the heavy weight and noise associated with a coil machine. It also makes the EGO highly customisable for different techniques such as lining and shading. 

Building the EGO tattoo machine

The Ego Vertex V3 contains an anodised T6 aluminium core and vice, with a UV coated plastic shell housing to protect against scratches and make cleaning easy. 

An essential element of the tattoo machine is the electric motor used to drive the needles. The EGO Vertex demands a quiet, lightweight motor with minimal vibration. 

These requirements led EGO to FAULHABER, specifically the brushed DC motor SR series. The EGO Vertex V3 uses the 1724 SR motor type, a high torque brushed DC motor that can push any size of cartridge without issues. 

1724...SR DC Motor

High torque brushed DC motors

FAULHABER’s SR series of ironless motors are some of the most compact in the industry today, a perfect choice for the EGO Vertex V3. 

The 1724 SR variation is just 17 mm in diameter with a length of 24mm. With an increased copper density and rare earth magnet, the motor offers high power density in a tight space. Its no-cogging, highly dynamic performance allows for a smooth application of ink. An integrated position encoder allows for precise positional control for accurate tattoo work. 

And the SR series is suited to a variety of applications besides tattoo machines. A new phase connection system, reinforced commutation system and highly balanced coil results in low noise, less vibration and extended lifetime even for the most challenging applications.  FAULHABER offers a variety of products to complement its motor technologies, supplied through EMS. Available products include a variety of precision gearheads and drive electronics

The EGO Vertex V3 promises the customisability of a coil tattoo machine with all the benefits of a rotary machine. Boasting a lightweight, low noise and low vibration performance, thanks to the inclusion of FAULHABER DC motors, the V3 is set to be an essential tool in many tattoo studios. 

EMS is the exclusive FAULHABER distributor for the UK and Ireland. For more information and details on available products, get in touch with us today. 



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