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Faulhaber coil

Brushed DC motors from EMS

DC motors can be divided into two categories: brushed DC motors and brushless DC motors. Brushed DC motors operate based on the mechanical linkage between their commutator and brushes. Brushless DC motors, however, do not have a commutator and brushes. Instead, they are electronically controlled with a drive circuit. There are several advantages to using a brushed DC motor:

  • Simple control over a wide speed range
  • A high starting torque
  • Torque and motor speed can be controlled by voltage

EMS stocks a variety of high torque DC motors, including brushed DC motors, from several leading manufacturers.



EMS is the sole UK and Ireland supplier of FAULHABER motors. The key difference between FAULHABER DC micromotors and conventional brushed DC motors is in the rotor. The special winding used in the System FAULHABER technology does not have an iron core, but instead consists of a self-supporting skew-wound copper coil. The feather weight rotor has an extremely low moment of inertia and rotates without cogging, resulting in outstanding dynamics across the entire range.

For low power motors, it’s best to select commutation systems using precious metals because of their extremely low contact resistance. A copper commutator and copper graphite brushes, however, are recommended for higher power motors to ensure long life even under extreme load conditions.

Available with over a million possible combinations, the FAULHABER ranges of System Faulhaber DC motors, gearheads, encoders, tachos and brushless DC motors offer one of the widest choices on the market. Sizes start from the incredibly small 3mm diameter motor and planetary gearhead, up to 44mm and 200+ Watts, making them suitable for applications such as medical devices, aerospace, control and instrumentation.

Visit the FAULHABER product selector for brushed DC motors.

Learn more about FAULHABER motors stocked by EMS here.


KAG automation

 Kaehlig Antriebstechnik GmbH (KAG) brushed DC motors


KAG produces DC drives in the range 2.5 to 250 Watt power. The company focuses on developing and producing small DC motors for use in a wide range of application areas including medical technology, domestic services engineering, fluid mechanics, the automotive industry, office communications, automatic machines and agricultural machinery.

KAG motors are designed to give up to 3,000 hours life at nominal rating. To meet higher torque applications, there is a comprehensive range of spur and planetary gearheads available. Options include tachogenerators and optical encoders to give feedback for speed and positional control.

Visit the KAG website.

Learn more about KAG products from EMS here.

Nidec DCK collection

Nidec Motors & Actuators


EMS is the exclusive distributor of industrial products for Nidec Motor & Actuators in the UK and Ireland. The Nidec range includes DC brushed motors, DC motors with spur gearheads and DC motors with worm gearheads.

Available primarily in 12 and 24 volts DC, the products are suited for use in healthcare products such as patient hoists, bath lifters and pillow raisers. They’re also ideal for other applications including automated garage door openers, food processing, labelling and conveying systems and many applications where low voltage motors and geared motors are needed.

Visit the Nidec website.

Learn more about Nidec Motor Actuator products from EMS here.

Selecting your small DC motor

EMS supplies a full suite of DC motor products, including brushed and brushless DC motors, stepper motors, linear DC servomotors, precision gearheads and encoders, from some of the world’s leading drive system manufacturers.

For more information on the motor products we offer our customers, click here.



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