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Precision gearheads

FAULHABER Gearheads Range

FAULHABER develops high performance modular precision gearboxes to complement each of its motor technologies.

From high torque planetary technology in a variety of materials, to zero backlash spur gears, FAULHABER has a suite of precision gearheads to suit a wide range of applications.

Planetary gearheads

FAULHABER offers a range of high precision planetary gearboxes designed for efficiency, suitable for a range of applications, whether, whether it’s for continuous, intermittent or alternating operation. 

FAULHABER’s metal planetary gearheads are designed to work alongside FAULHABER small DC motors for applications where a high output torque is required.

Alternatively, the plastic planetary gearheads offer an optimal price to performance ratio and outstanding material combination, better suited to moderate output torque demands where low weight is crucial.

The planetary gearheads are available with a variety of shaft bearings, including sintered, ceramic and ball bearings, and there are modified versions for applications where unique environmental conditions need to be catered for.

Spur gearheads

Spur gearheads are specifically designed to support FAULHABER’s DC micromotors in high precision, low torque and low noise applications. With metal or plastic input-stage geartrains available, the spur gearheads guarantee quiet running, with low current consumption and optimal efficiency.

FAULHABER additionally offers a special version of these gearheads with zero backlash. With a dual pass spur geartrain with all metal gears, these gearheads offer minimal backlash by counter-rotating the gear passes to each other and locking them in place on the motor pinion gear.

These zero backlash spur gearheads are ideal for positioning applications where high resolution and moderate torque are essential.

FAULHABER precision gearheads from EMS

EMS is the exclusive UK and Ireland supplier of FAULHABER drives and precision micro systems. To complement the DC motor products we stock, EMS offers the entire range of precision planetary and spur gearheads to suit a wide range of applications. For more information, and to discuss your individual requirements, get in touch with our team here



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