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Drive Electronics

FAULHABER Drive Electronics Range

FAULHABER drive electronics through EMS


EMS supplies the full FAULHABER range of drive electronics — including motion controllers, speed controllers and stepper motor motion controllers — suitable for a range of applications where high-precision control is essential.

Motion controllers

FAULHABER motion controllers are easy-to-use single axis positioning controllers, tailor-made for the control of DC motors, brushless motors, and linear motors. Suitable for applications with a supply voltage between six and 50 V DC and a maximum continuous output current of ten amperes (A), FAULHABER motion controllers are available in housed and unhoused variants, and there are two generations of controller for a range of applications.

Generation V2.5 is a proven technology for the FAULHABER brushless, DC and linear motor ranges, offering simple configuration in a number of ways for use in medical and lab environments, automation, equipment manufacturing and aerospace.

Generation V3.0 is suitable for applications not covered by the capacity of V2.5. It offers more power, faster control and new operating modes, with flexible use of the I/Os for setpoints and sequential programming in BASIC for local automation.

For high-resolution dynamic positioning applications, or high-precision speed control applications, FAULHABER’s motion controllers are available with serial, CANopen or EtherCAT interfaces and can be configured using the free and easy-to-use FAULHABER Motion Manager software.

For more technical specific product information visit the FAULHABER website.

Speed controllers

FAULHABER electronic speed controllers are specifically designed to get the most out of FAULHABER DC motors and brushless motors with analog or digital Hall sensors, AES absolute encoders or incremental encoders.

Suitable for applications with a supply voltage between four and 50 V DC and a maximum continuous output current of eight amperes, the electronic speed controllers are compact, easy to use and provide precise, efficient speed control. The individual drive parameters are simple to adjust via a computer and the free FAULHABER Motion Manager software.

Depending on the size and delivery state, different motor and sensor combinations can be operated on the speed controller. the different sizes as well as the flexible connection possibilities open a wide range of applications in areas such as laboratory technology and equipment manufacturing, automation technology, handling and tooling devices and machine tools or pumps.

For more technical specific product information visit the FAULHABER website.

Stepper motor motion controllers

FAULHABER stepper motor motion controllers are dynamic positioning systems designed specifically for FAULHABER’s stepper motor range. Compatible with the full range, the stepper controllers are fully programmable andoffer microstepping capabilities up to 256 microsteps per full step and the possibility of controlling multiple axis when connecting several boards together.

The range is suitable for applications with a supply voltage between nine and 36 V DC and support a maximum continuous output current of 1.1 A. The stepper controllers are intended for use as evaluation boards and allow a quick setup thanks to screw terminals and a molex connector. USB communications, many outputs and input signals allow for quick testing and external interaction.

For more technical specific product information visit the FAULHABER website.

For more information on any of the FAULHABER drive electronics products, look at the technical datasheet available here.

FAULHABER products are available exclusively in the UK and Ireland through EMS. If you’d like to discuss any of the products mentioned above, contact our sales team here.



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