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FAULHABER DC motors from EMS

FAULHABER motors from EMS

FAULHABER motors from EMS

Founded in 1947, FAULHABER is a German company headquartered in Schönaich, one of Europe's most renowned regions for industrial technology.

FAULHABER provides a wide range of micro drive systems including brushed DC motors. The systems are unique in their precision for the smallest of applications, such as robotics, optical systems, medicine and laboratory equipment. Constantly investing in research and development, FAULHABER has been awarded for its successful innovation of its products.

The range can be combined in over 25 million different ways to create the perfect drive system for a specific application. FAULHABER also modify and configure bespoke solutions for various customer needs.

In addition to Germany, FAULHABER maintains development and production locations in Switzerland, the USA, Romania and Hungary. It has sales partners and divisions in more than 30 countries worldwide. At present, the drive system supplier has more than 2,000 employees.

Selecting your small DC motor

EMS has established itself as a leading supplier of small drive motors and is the sole UK distributor for FAULHABER motors. The offering includes a range of small-to-medium sized brushed, brushless and flat DC motors. FAULHABER DC motors provide unrivalled power to weight ratios for high efficiency and high speed. With sizes starting from 3mm diameter, up to 44mm, FAULHABER motors are the perfect solution for high demanding, small applications.

Coreless DC motors from FAULHABER differ from conventional DC motors because of the ironless, self-supporting copper coil with skew-wound design. This design, developed by the company's founder, is the central element of every FAULHABER DC motor.

To find out more about potential applications for FAULHABER drive systems, as well as the latest product releases, check out the FAULHABER section on our blog. If you'd like to discuss with a member of the EMS team, get in touch by filling out our contact form today. 


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