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Release and Parking Unit

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Release and Parking Unit

The release unit is simple in design to aid practicality and minimise the potential for malfunction. The unit must be mounted firmly as during parking and release, the operator of the tong will need to both push against the block, and apply a torque to the unit while disengaging and connecting the bayonet barrel to the Alpha adaptor.

The unit must be concentric to the tong barrel in the desired park location and must only be mounted with the pawl uppermost as shown, due to its operation being gravity dependant.

Parking the Alpha Adaptor

The Adaptor is inserted into the unit and is automatically locked in by the ‘pawl’. Flats present on the adaptor mean that the adaptor is unable to twist and that the bayonet barrel can be separated from the Alpha adaptor.

This process is used when changing gaiters and is very important. The unit must be mounted so that the adaptor can de directly inserted. The adaptor and parking unit must therefore be positioned at a certain angle, elevation and distance away to allow the correct alignment.

Releasing the Alpha Adaptor

The Alpha Adaptor is easily released from the unit through the operation of the trigger. This simply moves the pawl from the locking position and allows the adaptor to be removed.

Part N° 44-29200

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